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Non-Linear Movement Method

Online now!

Discover the beauty of your own movement

The NLM-Method® is a powerful somatic method developed by Michaela Boehm over the last 20 years of her practice and training and refined together with Steve James.

For me, NLMM is full of depth and lightness , powerful and delicate , exploring and preserving, opening and holding, protecting and expanding, healing and strengthening.

The workshop

Compared to other embodiment techniques, in the NLM-Method® there are no guidelines on how physical movement should be performed. In this way our own body and feeling awareness increases.

The NLM-Method® is practiced on a yoga mat or blanket (or even on a chair) in comfortable clothing. It can be performed at any age and does not require any prior knowledge or a specific level of physical fitness.

The NLM-Method® can be used profoundly and empoweringly in the work with our trauma, emotional blockages and physical tension:


The nervous system can regulate itself.


Feelings can be felt and processed.


Sensual experiences can be awakened (also erotic energy).


Trauma patterns come into flow.


A new intimacy of mind and body combined with physical sensations awakens.


A high physical responsiveness arises.


Access to physical wisdom opens up.

Thus NLMM can support us on our personal healing journey, which is always a unique and individual “dance of the soul”.

Our inner body wisdom can express itself through our very own body movements.

This is how you experience an online NLM-method lesson:

The session will last 1 hour.

At the beginning I will give a short introduction and also a short demonstration of how to best do the NLM-Method®.

Ideally, the NLM-Method® is done on hands and feet, in a four-foot stand. If this is not comfortable for you, you can just as easily join in while sitting or on a chair. It is also possible to do the movements while lying down.

It is important not to come to a standing position at the beginning, because the goal is that we ground our energy. Only experienced practitioners of the NLM-Methode® can then stand upright.

There are two golden rules in NLMM:


Always keep moving! Even if the music changes or is very calm, always move at least part of your body. This can be only your little finger for example.


Always keep your eyes closed. This way we bring our attention more fluidly to our inner body. You can use a blindfold if you are comfortable.

I will play music and give short cues from time to time to introduce the group to the NLMM movement.

Then you can turn off your camera in Zoom, so you are completely undisturbed in your private, protected space.

There will be longer periods where just the music is playing and you move to the music. This way you can leave yourself more and more to your own body guidance and go on your own exploration.

Towards the end of the session there will be a phase of integration, in which you can be still and relaxed.

Then the session is over and you can open your eyes again and arrive completely in the space.



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This is an online course. You will receive a Zoom link with which you can log in 10 minutes before the start.

1 hour costs €20.

Payment via Paypal.

What you need

Comfortable clothing, an undisturbed space, a comfortable surface (yoga mat or similar) and a blanket with which you can cuddle up during the integration and meditation.



NLMM is gender independent and can be practiced at any age. Just bring curiosity and openness for new (happy) experiences.


Click on the registration button, you can register using the form. I will then contact you.

As soon as you have paid via PayPal, you will receive the zoom link by email.

Learn more
In the NLM-Method® there is 4 primary techniques the so-called modalities:

1. Moving what you are felling

2. Release

3. Calling in

4. Pleasure

Participants about the Non-Linear Movement Method



It has done me a lot of good! It is a very nice access to my body awareness!

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