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Contents of the seminar

In a time of global change unprecedented in its intensity, we are experiencing how old certainties are breaking away and familiar reliabilities no longer support us.

Almost daily we are challenged to deal with new unforeseen challenges.

How can we learn to navigate creatively and flexibly through these turbulent times without losing sight of our life's goal?

Where, if not on a sailboat, can we learn these new skills?

Always changing with the tides of wind and waves, we focus our attention on the present moment while still keeping our eyes on the horizon.

The ancient sea nomads and navigators knew that when they ran into storms or the stars that gave them direction were obscured by clouds, they could only rely on one thing: their own heart!

"There is no greater force and no more accurate compass than the one that lies within us" knew the ancient Hawaiians.

Latest scientific researches compare our human heart with a brain, which with about 40,000 neurons influences all our organs and also our head-brain! And even more: If we are connected with our heart, we come into a natural contact with our very being, our Higher Self and feel our intuition.

On this journey we will learn to experience our heart space as the place that gifts us with all the qualities we desperately need for ourselves personally and for the transformation of our Earth:

Compassion, Gratitude, Appreciation, Joy and Love.

We find a wonderful access to our heart not only through meditation but also through poetry.

In my "Moving stillness" method I combine both elements: through poetic texts and mystical writings we will experience our meditation as movement! If we have difficulties with traditional meditation techniques, during "Moving Stillness" we can experience a previously unknown deepening and enrichment of our own being.

In a very individual way we get in touch with the wisdom of our heart space.

In this way we become the co-creator of a new heart-consciousness-field of the New Earth!

Do you sometimes wish to be in a place where you can meet people who are not afraid of your greatness and you feel that there is much more hidden in you and that you are right and welcome just as you are?

A place where you can allow yourself to meet your own longing and feel how you can trust your intuition and your heart again?

A place where you can experience that it is possible, that you can free yourself from old traumas and experience your life as something creative that makes you happy and so you can create even more creative things?

Are you ready to give space to your uniqueness?

Then come with us on this Sail&Soul Corfu soul journey!

We are free beings and may decide for our New Path: authentic, fulfilled and self-determined!


We sail around Corfu - there are many beautiful bays with crystal clear water, 

We also anchor in the still enchantingly picturesque bay where Lawrence Durrel, the English writer, lived in a simple fisherman's house before the war.... 

His poetry has accompanied me for years in my travels along the Mediterranean....

we will also walk through the hills in ancient olive groves....

And we will visit a typical Corfiot organic winery...

and in this wonderful landscape we will relax our soul, on water and on land

and in the vastness of the sea listen to the voice of our is the high time of the solstice to receive new impulses...

This Sail&Soul Corfu journey is also a time out, where we can experience moments of fulfilment, deep joy and connection together.

Surrounded by pristine landscapes, we swim in crystal clear waters of secluded bays, take easy hikes and are allowed to enjoy Greek hospitality in small harbor villages.


IMG_5906 copy.jpeg

Would you like to be part of this journey?

Then contact us for more information. Together we will create your individual travel plan:

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