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About me

I am born in the early summer of 1966 in Holland. Being only 8 years old my father dies in an airplane crash. Our life changes entirely. We leave everything behind us. Three girls are moving with their mom from the North to the very South of Germany, to the Black Forest. As adolescent I study Eastern Philosophy on my own. Since my younger sister is going to a Waldorf School I get in touch with the pedagogy of Rudolf Steiner and his Anthroposophy. At the age of 16 I’m dreaming of a life in words, I want to study German Literature. I’m reading, reading, reading. Just having graduated, a book comes into my hands about China in the 1920s. This novel will destine my whole life. In 1985 I move to Munich to study Sinology, German Literature, Philosophy and Psychology. On the weekends I join study groups and participate in lectures about Anthroposophy. I’m totally fascinated by the work of Rudolf Steiner. I’m reading and studying his books and lectures whenever I have time.

At the age of 21 I get the opportunity of studying in Shanghai, China. It is there that I find myself returning home to the home of my soul: China and South East Asia.

In 1994 I graduate from University in Munich as M.A. in German Language for Foreigners, Sinology and Psychology. I start my Phd Thesis about the Poetry of Marie Luise Kaschnitz and the influence of the classical antiquity on her work. I fall in love with the myths, legends and stories of Ancient Greece. Traveling to Italy and Greece, I discover the beauty and wisdom of ancient temple sites and other holy places. I learn a lot about our cultural heritage and the different epochs in the history of mankind.


At the University I teach foreign students in German Literature and suddenly I remember my deep affinity for arts. I then start painting and experimenting by mixing color pigments together with lumps of earth on my table in the kitchen.

I accompany my step father on his last journey before he dies of cancer. This shapes me deeply. During his last months he is solely seeking to understand the Christ impulse which was introduced by Rudolf Steiner. This is his last gift to me. Later, this experience will help me to understand the art of Josef Beuys.

In the following year I get married, and in 1995 our son is born. Something completely new is happening to me: sharing the realm of my soul with my baby! Who is this little boy? Opening the space to the unknown. I put my Phd Thesis aside and try something very new: becoming a mom.

Now I am on a new path. I come into contact with the Foot Reflexology and Chinese Medicine. And I continue painting. I get the admission at the University (LMU Munich) to study pedagogy of art. Once a week I’m allowed to change from being only a mom to the big and bright painter’s studio on the 5th floor at the University. Here I am only in color. On my first canvas, there is still darkness, deepness and strength. I love the intense exchanges with my colleagues about art. After five hours I return home to my husband and our little son, exhausted but fulfilled.

A friend introduces me to the Biographical Work based on Anthroposophy. I participate in different courses of Dr. Rossmann (Munich) and seminars about karma and reincarnation with Coen van Houten (Holland).

In 1998 our daughter is born. With her coming into our life, moving to Asia is no longer a question. We stay in Munich.

Again being a mother is the centre of my life. We continue traveling, now together with our small children.

During this period I get in contact with Geomancy through Marko Pogačnik and Peter Frank.

Feeling and perceiving the earth as a living entity with a soul and knowing about our multidimensional being brings me back to a deep and familiar feeling and consciousness about life.

Just before Christmas in 2000 our twin daughters are born. Three months early. Painting, writing and teaching disappears in the far distance. Living from day to day, helping them to survive. I’m exhausted but grateful and happy. I learn to accept the help of other people and also I learn to distinguish between the important and irrelevant things in life.

As soon as possible we want to travel again. Together with our four small children we fly to Australia. For the first time, I get in touch with the uniqueness of the art and painting of the Aborigines and their dreaming culture. My feeling and perception for the earth as an integrated whole is growing.

The same year, together with our four kids, we also get an invitation to come to California and Arizona. There I encounter the holy wisdom of the indigenous people and their sacred places. Wandering through the landscape I find myself in awe of the beauty of mother earth creating temples out of nature.

In 2004, I feel there is enough time for my self development. I start my training in Trauma-Healing and spiritual healing work with Danielle Christoph (Stockdorf, Munich). Through a unique and holistic method I receive all the tools my healing work of today is based on. I begin to balance my own deep feelings and to bring light into the dark parts of my inner being. This is another step on my own journey of healing.

During my stay in Sri Lanka in 2007 for an Aryuveda treatment, I get in touch with one of the oldest healing methods in the world. Back to Munich I study Aryuveda healing, especially Aryuvedic nutrition and Aryuvedic women healing methods.

The year after a friend asks me, if I would like to participate in an exhibition in her gallery in Munich. First I refuse because I haven’t painted for many years. But she insists. A first drawing is created. Shortly after, the same friend asks me if I want to manage the Gallery together with her. It is 2008.

Now a really productive and intense artistic period of my life starts. I’m fascinated about weaving, but I don’t weave carpets, I weave words into calligraphies and paper strips into giant tree-like objects hanging from the ceiling.

The following two years are full of artistic inspiration together with my friend and many other artists in our small gallery.

But at the same time there is also my healing work. As an assistant I support the trainings in Trauma Healing together with Danielle Christoph. For over two and a half years I’m allowed to live the unification of art and healing.

Once more life is coming up with something new: I’m asked to become a member of the board at the Waldorf School of our children. I’m curious how transformational processes in an institution would look like. How to create and implement new structures in one of the oldest Waldorf schools in Germany? Driven by the desire to see the school as a place where a new culture of teaching and learning is developed in order to invite the future generation of children I will stay for six years.

More and more I realize there is not enough time and silence for my personal creativity, so I leave the gallery after more than two years.

Though, my healing work is developing. More and more clients are coming.

In summer 2013 we get the opportunity to move to Malta. Once more something new reveals itself! For a long time we were dreaming of living in the Mediterranean and now it is finally becoming reality. Together with our four kids and two cats we set off to the small island between the southern most tip of Italy and the African North Coast. 

Full of joy I follow and discover the ancient tracks of our occidental heritage, finding holy places, temples built in the stone age over 5000 years ago! I submerge into archeology, the wisdom of female healing and the history of healing itself. It is here that I deepen my knowledge and experiences in Geomancy. I strongly get in touch with Gaia and the wisdom of Isis-Sophia.

After three months I organize my first Seminar Tour in November 2013. Six Women from Germany are curious and brave. They become my first participants. For one week we share the beauty and unique heritage of the Maltese Archipelago together in the gentle kindness of our women circle.

One year later we return to Munich.

Since then I organize every year retreats Malta and Gozo.

Summer 2016 we got another wonderful opportunity to move to Bali for one year. Together with friends, I organize an earth healing workshop with Marko Pogačnik, geomancer and UNESCO Artist for Peace.

Back in Malta, I establish my own publishing house: geniusloci-publishing. The Celebrating Bali Box is our first publication. Followed by the Gaia Touch Card Set.

In the same year my life starts to change.

My marriage is shaken and breaks up. A life-threatening illness brings me to the brink of death and gifts me with experiences of healing powers previously undreamed of. Everything has to be let go. Our island home is dissolved and the children go out into the world.

I walk my healing path with the help of wonderful people. Life itself takes me by the hand.

The magic of transformation called metamorphosis in Greek is unfolding more and more in my life. My purpose is to share this experience of magic with my clients through my various healing practices.

My healing journey leads me to Greece. 

I become a certified teacher of the Non-Linear-Movement Method a bodywork developed by Michaela Boehm: finding one’s own magical inner landscape increases the joy of sensual experiences and deepens our spiritual being.

In these times of global uncertainty and change I develop the idea for my new retreat: Sailing your Inspiration.

More retreats are being added: here you can find all the current retreat offers that will take you to unique places!


We live in a unique time full of possibilities! I support you in unfolding your uniqueness so that you can courageously go your own way. In joy, lightness and connectedness.

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