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Malta and Gozo Soul Journey

Autumn Equinox
15.-22nd September 2024
Experience the magic of the temples of Malta and Gozo.
The workshop

We live in a time of unprecedented global change. Together, we stand on the threshold of a new future.

The Megalithic Temples of Malta and Gozo are among the oldest building structures in the world! They are even older than Stonehenge and the Egyptian Pyramids!

Thus Malta is one of the oldest initiation places in Europe! However, star maps carved on rocks can tell us that this Stone Age culture intensively studied the migration of the constellations to gain knowledge for agriculture. The unique Mnajdra Temple on the west coast of Malta holds a very special secret: it was built in the direction of the sunrise at the equinox! We will experience this event in a private guided tour just for our group!

How can this culture give us clues for our future today? We know that the people of this time lived in a harmonious coexistence. What is certain is that women and men were deeply connected to Gaia, Mother Nature, because their temples replicate the body of the Great Mother. We will trace this heritage and get insights for our future.

Also, in some places they created unique healing places where they also performed healing with sounds. You will receive introductions from Constance in nature and at the sacred sites that will support you to experience this great heritage alive for you!



We start our journey in Malta..

15.09. arrival at Malta Airport we take a taxi/minibus to our hotel at the west coast-directly at the beach. We stay 3 nights. From here we make excursions to various temples and landscape temples.

And also Valletta with the archaeological museum.

On 18.09. we'll exerience the magical sunrise of the equinox at the Mnajdra temple- only for our group!

In the afternoon we'll take the ferry to Gozo. We stay 4 nights in a beautiful hotel in an amzaing landscape!

From here we visit more sacred places and the famous UNESCO megalithic temple of Ggantija.

22.09. departure from Gozo back to the airport and return home.

If you would like to come earlier or stay longer, please contact me for further information.

What you will learn

On this unique soul journey you have the opportunity to:

  • Experience the sunrise at the Equinox at Mnajdra Temple in a private guided tour only for our group.

  • Discover and experience the most important temples and archaeological sites of Malta and Gozo (UNESCO World Heritage).

  • You will receive daily introductions, meditation and exercises to get to know the depth and knowledge of the temples.

  • You will learn different Gaia Touch exercises and rituals to get in touch with Gaia.

  • Enjoy unforgettable sunsets on the Ta' Ċenċ cliff plateau.

  • You will descend into the world unique underground temple built in the rock 5000 years ago, which was a healing and initiation centre of the megalithic culture.

  • In the Archaeological Museum of Valetta you will see the famous sculpture of the Sleeping Lady, who sank gracefully into her healing sleep 5000 years ago.

  • You will visit churches, small towns and the picturesque coasts of the Maltese archipelago.

  • You will look over the vastness of the bizarre cliffs to the picturesque blue of the Mediterranean Sea and experience why Malta and Gozo are still so important places for us today to understand our history and also our future.

Retreat location

Experience 8 days on the unique Mediterranean island of Malta and Gozo and enjoy the beauty of the warm late summer.

Retreat times

15.-22nd September 2024 in Malta and Gozo

Just reach out to me ​if you like to come earlier or extend your stay.

Retreat costs

Prices may vary depending on personal booking package.

Experiences from participants



Sun, temples and an unexpected healing: Malta touches the soul deeply

Our small group came together on Gozo for the first time in search of ancient temples, warming sunshine and perhaps a trace of healing. First, however, Gozo enchanted us with its spring-like nature, impressive (church) architecture and a touch of Far Eastern charm. Our journey took us through outer and inner worlds. We began each day in inner contemplation and then surrendered to new impressions full of energy, drawing strength from old places and opening ourselves up to the experience of feminine energy...

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Embody the new transformation & find your life's purpose in these unique times!

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