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Sailing your Inspiration


Sail & Soul 2023

Join us on our early summer  Sailing Journey 

Sail&Soul in Corfu in June 2023!

12.06. - 23.06.2023


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The dates are quickly sold out!



The regulations for entering Greece might still change until May. Please inform yourself on the official site of Greece:


Travel date

Next journey date:

12. June - 23. June 2023


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Content of the seminar

In a time of global change unprecedented in its intensity, we are experiencing how old certainties are breaking away and familiar reliabilities no longer support us.

Almost daily we are challenged to deal with new unforeseen challenges.

How can we learn to navigate creatively and flexibly through these turbulent times without losing sight of our life's goal?

Route of

the trip

Arrival at Corfu Town Airport. 

Airport transfer to the marina.

Here Eric, our captain and skipper, is waiting for us on board of his catamaran.

Briefing on board and check into the cabins. In the evening we will walk around the old town of Corfu. 

Next day: We set sail towards the north-east coast of Corfu.



Life on board

Our boat "Red Fox" is a 40" long catamaran. There are 4 double cabins and 2 bathrooms.

It can comfortably accommodate 8 people.

Fresh products from the region are used for cooking. Vegan / vegetarian meals.

In the taverns we can enjoy Greek specialties and dishes.

Participants about the sailing trip 



What remains ? Water, sea, vibration, warming rays of sun: 

1. Don't get stuck in old feelings that want to get to the front of the new. Finding an appropriate place for them. 

2. Carry the received light further. 

3. I decide for myself and you decide for yourself! 



It was unbelievable how time slipped away here in the sea.
I live in the day and the past and the future disappear in strange ways.
There is only the moment and I don't think about what I want to do or what should be next.
There seems to be no more on the water, which is particularly important now.
The wind determines life or the rhythm.
I just saw all the people over the course of the week and no longer rated them.
I stand at the wheel for hours and concentrate on one direction.
There is nothing more.
There is great empathy among all of us, which certainly has to do with the fact that Constance radiates something special, is very open and can therefore give a lot of space.
I have received a lot during this time and I am very happy.



You have designed a journey that beautifully combines the power of the forces of nature with heart opening and deep reflection. 

First of all, keep going! You are a dream team. 



I have received as a gift this time to leave heaviness of my heart on Delos, to understand that I have to go with the waves of life if I want to save strength. 


If another goal wants to be achieved, then it costs strength, but it is also possible: it should not be the whole way. 


Yes, and the mirror on the subject of my own space was held up to me.


I got an inkling to listen to the wind, I would have liked to trace a little longer... maybe next time.



But I feel a beautiful shift which I have brought with me … and which I feel I want to keep to stay with me. So I’ll make sure I’ll nourish this new discovery within me. It is a very beautiful feeling, with deep, long breaths …

I can never be grateful enough to you to put me on these beautiful paths.

You have given a lot of yourself these past weeks. I so admired you doing it with such gracefulness.

I am enjoying the flow I am in. I can never put my gratitude towards your knowledge and wisdom in words to do justice to how I wish to thank you deeply. 

From my root and sacral chakras



A travel -  as excitingly beautiful inside as outside!
A trip to me!
With question marks in my luggage - hope and fears - I was able to experience that I am accepted just as I am.
A gentle happiness that met in me from the depths of the sea, from the vastness of the Greek sky.
The wonderful direction from you, dear Constance, your sensitive, touching and opening impulses made it possible for me to surrender more and more to the undulating loving life in me both in the water and on land and to share my experiences in this group.
Given and grateful for everyone and everything and for myself I travel on in my life again.
THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for the inspiration, wisdom and fun! I pack the joy and laughter in my suitcase!



Again and again I get to know new sides of you and you are very strong. 

The journey was very intense on land, on board and inside. 

Many gates have opened wide, have exposed moving and we have felt for all.

Your work is very beautiful and now enriched with Non-Linear Embodiment, very important.

You are so clear and understand how to hold the energy and the protective shell.



I can't remember the last time I fell out of time like this. It was a wonderful feeling of flow through the days with the group, light and deep alternated harmoniously and ended in an all-round wonderful journey!



Constance has the wonderful gift of bringing people to their core and recognizing the beauty that lies within. 
I started the journey completely exhausted and drained. after 10 days I left the boat blissfully and with joy in my heart.
Thank you, Constance, for your loving empathy, your wonderful humor and that we can laugh so nicely with you! 

The crew



Seminar leader

For 7 years I have been following my love for sacred places in the Mediterranean and leading seminars in unique places. You can find more information about my work as a trauma healer here.


Captain / Skipper

For me, sailing is a kind of art. I am passionate about playing with the wind along exciting coasts. Always on the lookout for secluded beaches.

Become a part of this journey and create the New Earth!

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